Our Story

There is magic in serendipity, and it happens when we least expect it. Perhaps it comes with something small, such as random trips to the artisan workshops, or meeting a cherished friend amongst the crowd of strangers. Maybe it could be as random as falling in love with a bag showcased by a shop’s window. Whatever the case, fate sneaks up and surprises you with an unexpected epiphany.

Designer / Founder Katie Lee has not foreseen where her expertise in leather will take her. As a child, she frolicked in her father’s workshop, watched him with wide eyes as he examined the upscale material to the very last detail. This is where the story starts. Genius is passed unaware. With her little hands, she has learned different textures, types, and colors of this highly valuable fabric. And growing up, it was natural for her to fall in love with the world her father was in.

Katie majored in Fashion Design at Otis College of Art and Design. Just like any other designer, her desire was to find her own place in the exuberant field of contemporary fashion. However, gravity pulled her back to her original love. After spending time with local handbag pattern makers during her stay in Milan, Italy, she rediscovered her passion for bags. Her fascination for the art grew as she explored the beautiful details and embellishments, laboriously added to each handbag with precision and mastery. This was one of her first serendipitous moments.

The second was another happy accident. An unexpected opportunity opened doors for her in London, where she took another hop to study Fashion Business and Communication. It was the final step to complete her pursuit: to make a strong splash amongst the sea of accessory designers. And that is how Clarét Rondel was created.

Clarét Rondel was helmed from two significant symbols for Katie. Clarét means red—the color of Garnet, her birthstone. Rondel, on the other hand, is synonymous with the words story, poetry, and narrative. In this sense, Clarét Rondel is a retelling of Katie’s own account as she discovers herself in the ever-changing world of fashion. In the same way, the brand was also created to tell your own story. Through its handbags and accessories, Clarét Rondel is made to accompany you on your daily adventures—whether it is a regular jaunt to the office, a date with your best girls or a romantic night out.

Bearing Katie Lee’s deep love for leathers, shapes, meticulous details and classic styles, Clarét Rondel is poised to be your next sweet serendipity. We have combined casual and luxury aesthetics that would seamlessly blend your everyday wardrobe. Each item bears classic shapes that will never go out of style. And just as Katie stumbled upon this beautiful serendipity, we hope that you too, may find your #happyaccident here.